Deli Lester's


How to Order (Deli Counter/Party Planner Value Pax)

We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to order your Lesters favorites online.

  • Simply browse our menu and read the item descriptions. You can even view photos of selected items by clicking on the icon next to them (we apologize if photos are not immediately available for all items).
  • Use the "pull–down" menus to select a specific size or format.
  • Enter the quantity desired by typing the number in the box at right.
  • Click "Add."

At this point, you will be prompted (through a new window) to enter the information necessary for us to calculate and display the total cost of your order (including taxes and shipping).

You can cancel your order at any time simply by leaving our website. Don't worry about making mistakes: to see a summary of your order, just click "View Order" in the menu on the left. Then, in the new window that opens, click on "Empty cart" to start over again. When you have completed your order, click on "View Order" in the menu on the left. Check your order carefully, then click on the "Order" button to go to our secure server and confirm your order online with your credit card.