Lester's Deli



Hello, welcome to the Lester’s Deli Catering Page!

      Whether your party is a banquet hosting to hundreds, or a quaint get together of few, Lester’s Deli has the answer!  We can help you serve the greatest hot smoked meat sandwiches and cold cuts available.  Following are some of our proven methods.  Please feel free to call us any time to discuss your options, prices and planning!


P.S. all accouterments  available (fresh baked rye bread, crunchy dill pickles, house mustard, etc..)


Our kiosk service:

     We come to you! We set up a beautiful Lester’s Deli kiosk and slice, slice, slice! We serve up hot smoked meat at your venue. Some past events include Ogilvy’s Boys Night Out, HBOC fundraiser at Guzzo, and Ferrari Grand Prix weekend parties- just to name-drop a few! (videos and pictures are available on our site!)

Our Reconstructed Smoked Meat (or Roast Beef) Briskets:

     Our full pieces of smoked meat, pre-cooked to perfection, sliced and reshaped back to the original format.  They are then vacuum sealed in air-tight re-heatable crayovac.  Simply submerge the package into hot water for 30 minutes, open and serve! Watch your guests salivate and indulge!

Cold Cut Platters:

     Brimming with beautifully displayed cold cuts and all the trimmings. (Smoked meat, turkey breast, beef salami, stuffed chicken and roast brisket. Also included: Cole slaw, potato salad, dill pickles, karnatzels, black olives, rye bread and mustard).

     A truly delicious way to welcome your guests and a memorable gift idea!

Golden Brown Smoked Turkeys:

     Whole or carved on platters. Either way, these birds are mouth-watering and delicious.  (Most succulent when served at room temperature.)

Smoked Salmon and Bagel Platters:

     Our fine quality Atlantic Smoked Salmon, St. Viateur Bagels, Spanish onions, capers, Kalamata olives, and plump tomatoes and Philly cream cheese.

Dairy Sandwich Platters:

     Full size sandwiches, cut in half, on keiser rolls, Russian rye bread, rye bread, and baguettes. Tuna, chopped egg, Sockeye salmon, smoked salmon and cream cheese.  Also available in cold cut sandwiches!


 We also host parties in Lester’s Deli should you want.  Out-of-towners love it!